Our Story

Who is
Pro Elite Music?

We realize that as a musician, your
instrument is your most valuable asset.

You spend thousands of dollars on the right equipment to play at your highest level and your instrument deserves oil that will not only provide optimum performance, but protect your investment at the highest level available.

This is where we come into play.

Utilizing a newly discovered single atomic layer of graphite called graphene, our team has created an oil that offers better corrosion protection against saliva, a lower coefficient of friction and better sealing between the valve casing and the piston or rotor than any alternative lubricant currently available.

In short, Pro Elite Music has created a product lets you oil less frequently and allows faster, quieter performance while offering better protection.

Pro Elite Oil uses full synthetic materials including FDA compliant ingredients for a safer and better performing experience.

our story

Pro Elite Music is owned and operated by two friends who met almost 30 years ago while in high school band. After life took them their separate ways, Chris Castellanos (co-owner, arranger and hornist for the widely recognized and highly acclaimed Boston Brass) and Kevin Cobb (managing partner at a leading performance and protective coatings company) have found themselves reunited by their passion for music and thirst for innovation.

Kevin’s expertise in cutting edge coating and lubrication; including clientele in aerospace (NASA and SpaceX), automotive, defense, firearms and industrial applications, intrigued Chris and the two set off to create an ultramodern oil for brass instruments that implemented the same nano technology that goes into these other fields.

After many months of reformulating and long term testing with trusted brass players at the top of their field, we at Pro Elite Music are proud to offer the latest and greatest in high-tech, innovative lubrication and protection for your valves; Pro Elite Oil.

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